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Printing All Open Documents in MS Word

Arrived at the office at 7AM. Open up my corporate email, sipped a coffee then started reading... The first email was from Michael Kent and here what he wrote me:

Good Morning! Do you know a way to print all open documents in MS Word? It to tiring to manually switch between documents and then choosing to print each one.
Thanks in advance.

As usual the office hacker must go to work. Unfortunately, MS Word don't have existing function to do this so I suggested that he use Macro. Since he is not familiar with it, I took the liberty to elaborate.

1. Select one document from all open documents
2. Click Tools Menu then select Macro and click Macros... (the one with green play button)
3. On the Macro name textbox, type your desired name such as PrintAllOpenDocument then click "Create" button. See screenshot below:

Create MS Word Macro

4. The Microsoft Visual Basic Editor will open. Copy and Paste the following code between "Sub PrintAllDocument()" and "End Sub".

For Each Doc In Documents
Next Doc

It should look like this:

MS Word Visual Basic Editor Macro

5. Now Save it using the menu File>Save Normal or click the save button on the toolbar. The Close the editor.

6. Back to your document. Click Tools>Macro>Macros.
7. On the Macros dialog box. Select the macro we created earlier then click "Run" button as shown below:

Printing All Open Documents in MS Word using Macro

Whew. We're done! Your open documents should be printing now.


  1. Hi sir.Thanks for this code.Iwas wondering could you help me with this questino.Its for my work.
    I have over 100 document that i open at once.I would like it if it is possible to make code for macro to print all documents at once and closing them after printing (or just close MS word) without saving

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