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How to enable autosave in MS Excel

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I was late for work today, It was Friday sickness. A note on my desk that says "Return call to Ms. Niña", started my day. Sat on my chair and dialed her local number.


Hello Niña? what's up?


Who is this???


It's me. You need me right?


Oh I'm sorry. My phone's caller id isn't working for a week now. Anyway I just want to ask you for... [a date?] on How to enable AutoSave in Excel 2000?


I see. so they haven't upgraded your ms office yet.

To enable MS Excel, follow this.
1. Click the Tools menu, then choose Add-Ins.
2. Check the AutoSave add-in on the Add-Ins dialog box.
3. Click OK.

Excel AutoSave Add-in

To change the default AutoRecovery option in Excel.
1. Click Tools menu, select Options, and then select the Save tab (this is a new tab in Excel 2002 and Excel 2003).
2. Change the Save AutoRecovery info every: ... minutes, set the Auto Recover save location, and then click OK.

AutoRecovery option in Excel

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