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How can I track changes made to a word document?

It was already 10:28 AM, Orlando Magic was ahead by 7 against the Cavs. Nitz approach me to ask something.

Hi, I'm not familiar with MS Word. Is there a way I can track changes on my word document? I can do it on Star Office.


Ofcourse there is. Take a look at this (point to my monitor).

Word track changes feature allow an author to retain deleted text to be accepted or rejected once the document is finalized. With the feature activated, Word "red lines" text deleted from the original document so that is visible, but distinct from the surrounding text.

To activate Track Changes in MS Word, follow these steps:

1. Save your first draft.
2. Click the Tools > Track Changes menu, the Track changes toolbar should appear.
Now every time you make changes on your document, you'll see that Word displays the changed text.

track changes made to a word document

To accept or reject changes:
Place the mouse pointer at the line of the document that is showing tracked changes.
Choose Track Changes from the Tools menu, then select Accept or Reject Changes.