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ONLY count values on displayed rows in Excel Spreadsheet

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Here my first post - My boss called me today and she was for asking help regarding her spreadsheet that she will be presenting to her Boss (in short The Big Boss). Heres how the conversation went on.

Phone rang....
Hello good morning. IT department. How may I help you?

My Boss
Hey I need help. Please come to my office.


Whats the problem?

My Boss
I can't get this spreadsheet Working. I want to get the SUM of all displayed rows only. But when I do "=SUM(A1, A30)", It sum all rows including the hidden rows


Here is what you can do. Instead of using SUM, use the this formula "=SUBTOTAL(109,A1:A30)". The option 109 only SUM the displayed cells in the range

My Boss

Great! thanks for the help!

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