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Display a Hidden First Column in MS Excel

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While having my mid morning coffee, Mr. Crush-of-the-town approach me and asked an interesting question.

Mr. Crush-of-the-town
Buddy, It is easy to hide and unhide a column on a spreadsheet right?

Ofcourse yes. it simple as right click + hide/unhide

Mr. Crush-of-the-town
That's apply to all column but not on the left-most or the first column (A1)

Hmm. I haven't think about that. Let me see.

Here's a good workaround for Mr. Crush-of-the-town problem. To display a hidden first column (left-most) in MS Excel follow these steps.

1. Click Edit > Go To... or press F5.
2. On the Go To dialog box, put "A1" as the reference then click OK. (Although you can't barely see it. It actually highlight the first column.)
3. Now click Format > Column > Unhide

Viola the missing first column appears!

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