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Animated Text in MS Word

Thursday Morning. Grabbed my coffee cup and head to the pantry to make my coffee. Sit on my chair and as usual do my thing. Found my first non-sense email of the day:

Hi there! Is there a way I can animate a text on MS Word document? Please don't ask me the reason why I need it.

Thanks in advance

I wonder what the reason is. Anyway to animate text in MS Word, follow these steps:

1. Select text you want to animate.
2. Right-click the text and choose "Font" from the popup menu.
3. On the multi-tabbed dialog box, click the "Text Effects" tab.
4. Now, select an animation that you would like to see. You can see examples of each animation in the preview window.

Animated Text in MS Word

5. When you are done, press "OK" to close the dialog box.